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Our corporate governance is built on ethical standard and integrity. Our leadership team has established and committed to maintain a strong ethical atmosphere in the organization. We have adhered to the highest standards of conduct in every aspect of our businesses and the way we serve our clients. Our commitment, ethics, integrity and compliance is based on —


  • Everyone at Agile Healthtech recognizes that our behavior and conduct, our quality of work, our respect for cultural diversity and our reputation are the keys to our customer loyalty and retention.
  • Everyone at Agile Healthtech recognizes the importance of handling our clients’ systems, confidential information, or sensitive intellectual property with the utmost care irrespective of the location we work from.
  • Everyone at Agile Healthtech goes through the mandatory HIPAA compliance training and we are committed to maintain privacy and confidentiality at all times.
  • At Agile Healthtech, our commitment to maintain the highest standard of our deliverables, we do not bend rules or take shortcuts; and always maintain zero tolerance policy.
  • At Agile Healthtech, we strongly believe and practice Transparent Reporting and Communication with our clients.
  • At Agile Healthtech, we have developed an organizational atmosphere of Corporate Integrity and Ethics Compliance; and our professionals are committed to comply to our defined code of conduct.