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Agile EnrollPro will bring in operational efficiency through improvised and easy processing of 834 Enrollment file, easy reporting and correction of errors and issues, and real time action for faster result.

The member enrollment EDI protocol 834 has established excellent standard in membership data exchange. However standard does not solve every challenge. The 834 standard can’t eliminate errors that still occur when membership enrollment is completed through an Automated Enrollment process. Correcting such errors is costly and time-consuming. In addition, although many insurers have adopted this format, many employers have not. EnrollPro provides the platform to eliminate and correct the errors beforehand and enables seamless processing of 834 into the core membership system.

The Rules Engine of the EnrollPro allows Business and IT to define validation and mapping rules and ability to define complex business process. Business users can define validation rules on 834 at Loop, Segment and Element level. It provides the complete workflow to efficiently manage transaction errors. The complex validations can be easily programmed by IT staff using EnrollPro extension framework.All mandatory checks such as duplicate file, multiple files etc. are done at the system level. Inbuilt Group crosswalk and user configurable group search allows faster and accurate group identification.The system then apply these rules and if any mandatory rules fail, the transaction is placed into the error queue for business user to take corrective action.

System is architected using big data map reduce concept where a single 834 file member transactions are divided across multiple application servers using multiple engines per each server to provide load balancing and parallel process.


The salient features of the tool are –


  • A simplified user interface that enables users view, modify, apply rules and correct issues before processing the enrollment file.
  • Large 834 files of size ranging from 1-2 GB can be processed in just couple of minutes.
  • Mapping and Rules processing engine is designed to use multiple engines to work on single 834 file providing high performance.
  • EnrollPro system framework is flexible to accommodate any sort of custom logic.
  • EnrollPro is built with latest technologies using ASP.Net and C#.Net and is compatible with Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase