Simplifying distribution channels through compliance driven processes
MiComp is a complete distribution channels management solution that provides Compliance, Onboarding, Management, Calculation and Payment of Commission & Bonus, and an array of administrative support tools & reporting for Insurers, Brokers, FMOs, IMOS and MGAs.

Our Sales and Agent-centric solutions empower your sales team to identify the right channels for the right products and effectively manage distribution channels, while encouraging greater sales success. We offer a complete solution that manages complex hierarchies as well as business rules for commissions and bonus agreements that enable efficient BAU / Sales and Agencies relations for higher return. Our data management and reporting process provides actionable management information for a single producer or agency to multiple producers or agencies for all territories, states and regions. Our data analytics allow a robust forecasting method for new product launch and help the organization in measuring ROI in a continuous manner.For more details visit our product website : www.micompsolutions.com.

For more details visit sales@agilehealthtech.com