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    Need help from FACETS gurus. We have migrated from our old legacy system to FACETS system. We
    have good amount of rebilling done in old system for any retro-active / retro-term in the old system. We
    are manually updating the amount changes into FACETS systems once the rebilling is done in legacy
    system. However the volume of such transaction is increasing and it is becoming difficult for manual
    updates. Is there a way this can be automated?

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    Yes, this can be automated to add / update these changes. When the rebilling done in the legacy
    system, write a process to calculate the difference between previously billed amount vs rebilled amount
    at the billing entity level and load these amounts with appropriate details of legacy billing entity and
    FACETS billing entity into a custom table. Care should be taken as often the billing entity structure in
    FACETS is different from the billing entity structure in the legacy system, so it is advisable to bring in the
    member identifiers as well so that accurate FACETS billing entity can be established. Once the data is
    stored in a custom table, develop a procedure to create billing discretionary item (BLDI) with
    appropriate description and credit / debit identifier and explanation for the correct billing period. When
    the new bill is generated in FACETS, this discretionary item will be picked up in the bill for necessary
    adjustments. For more details email me at dibsm@agilehealthtech.com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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