System Health Monitoring

Agile BatchView will bring in operational efficiency through improvised medical consulting and easy monitoring of your batch error logs, easy reporting of errors and issues, enabling informed decision and corrective actions.


Our Daily batch operation is a critical factor for the success of a Medical Consulting Services & Health Plan organization. Health System Monitoring of those batches and reviewing batch logs for any potential issues constitutes a critical task for every technical and business team involved in the operation. Often the review process of these batch logs, processing hundreds of thousands of eligibility or claims record, is labour-intensive, cryptic and very time-consuming. Agile BatchView is a simplified way to review, analyze and take action on batch logs. It provides production operations and support teams an organized way of managing batch errors. This easy to use product provides secured user access and role-based security. The access can be secured at an individual batch or at the department or business function level.

The medical consulting of BatchView parses the batch error logs, captures the error messages and other important messages in the log file and report that in a systematic way on the web browser. BatchView clearly indicates the log files with errors for easy identification. This helps the user in determining the logs that need immediate attention without browsing through all the log files. User can export the batch log errors into a spreadsheet for operational use or reporting purposes.

BatchView also provides a mechanism to parse and report any batch log file that is not within the application’s predefined batch logs categories through the “Miscellaneous” tab. BatchView works well in both the Hosted Environment and In-House installation. It can pull the batch logs through a secured FTP connection or standard file move.


The salient features of the tool are –

  • A simplified user interface that enables users by department to view and analyze their batch logs
  • Ability to retrieve and view older batch logs
  • Ability to download only the errors/error messages to spreadsheet
  • Ability to download the batch log in its original format
  • A web-based product that can be integrated into the local intranet for organization-wide access
  • Role-based user security
  • Easy customization
If you like to know more about Agile BatchView & BenefitPro™, our medical consulting team will be very happy to provide a demo of the product at your office. If you need any customization to the product to suit your business need, our analysts and developers will work with you in getting that done.

We will also provide product administration and user training.
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