Test Automation Services
Predictive and Preventive Quality Management through Test Automation

Predictive and Preventive Quality Management through Test Automation

Our hybrid Test Automation Services & Framework provide flexible implementation across the web and client-server application while ensuring scalability, maintainability and sustainability.

Automation Testing serves as an important control mechanism to ensure software accuracy and stability through each build in an environment where requirements and software are continuously changing. Test Automation is the path to achieving increased effectiveness and efficiency while reducing the Testing effort
At Agile, our Artificial Intelligence and Test Automation professionals work with you in defining the goals of the automation and determine the types of tests to automate in order to maximize quality benefits and best cost savings for your organization. We perform a complete evaluation of your existing quality infrastructure, develop the automation topology by utilizing existing tools & techniques and identify necessary gaps. Selecting an automated testing tool is essential for test automation. It is important to choose the automated testing tool that best suits your overall requirements. Evaluation of automation topology enables identification of the right automation tool.

Our comprehensive 360-degree model of Test Automation plan helps you in building a sustainable automated QA platform that is scalable and adaptable to changes. This structured method of perfecting QA automation is well supported by our Execution management, that goes beyond the project delivery to ensure necessary return on investment is achieved. The metrics and reports establish the necessary controls and balances in place.

Why Agile Test Automation ?

  • A perfect blend of business domain and testing knowledge
  •  Testing Center of Excellence and The Key to successful Management governance Test Automation is to model
  • Test Automation experience with large health plans
  • Well defined Testing Automation delivery methodology
  • Efficient test data management strategy
  • Both web and keyword driven Test Automation framework
  • Blended-shore delivery model with “follow the sun” development
  • Statistical process management and control
  • ROI realization and continuous improvement

Agile Test Automation Life Cycle

Agile Test Automation Life Cycle is based on Agile methodology and iterative model to ensure robust failure proof product.

Agile Hybrid Framework

The success of the QA automation is dependent on the Test Automation framework. The framework should be adaptable to the software changes, new systems and applications. Our hybrid framework allows both keyword driven and data driven testing process, which is most suitable for Healthcare organization due to high volume of EDI transactions. This framework allows flexible implementation across web and client server applications.
The user-friendly interfaces allows simultaneous multiple script execution. The reusable components such as parser and data manager reduce test automation effort and future enhancement effort. The framework supports leading test automation tools such as HP-ALM, QTP and leading platforms such as Selenium. It provides an excellent code and script maintainability and allows splitting of QTP scripts per applications.

It provides very good support for PDF, Word Documents and XLS reports.

The Key to successful Test Automation is to consider automation as a full-time project, not a sideline activity. We are your partner in delivering the Test Automation platform that is application independent and scalable.

At Agile, we strive to improve and effectively implement innovative business solutions and processes in a diverse range of health care organizations. Our highly skilled business analysts efficiently connect the dots between user needs and technical requirements. Our solution architects work closely with businesses, ensuring the best optimized solution possible.

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