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At Agile Health Tech, we provide custom healthcare software development services. With the rapid transformation in the Healthcare world, whether it is government mandate or competitive edge, the business houses need new capabilities for their application portfolios. Through our full range of services, from custom application development, System Integration, testing and maintenance we are helping our customers in improving their core business activities while bringing in improved ROI.
We are experienced in providing the best custom healthcare software development solutions to meet the diverse need of our valued customers in various technologies. Our professionals are highly experienced in developing extensions for the existing packaged applications in the healthcare industry. Our Health Insurance business knowledge combined with our technical expertise provides the best custom development deliverables for our clients and the Application Managed Services as well.

At Agile Health Tech, as our name suggest we deploy Agile and rapid development methodology and strategy in our custom development. This results in a higher degree of customer involvement in reviewing the deliverables and ensures defect-free product delivery on time. With various engagement models to suit the business need of the customers, we bring down the cost of custom development for our clients.

Our scalable and extensible application architectures are built to suit the existing infrastructure and environment of the client to supports 24/7 business availability and to reduce application development time. We bring in increased flexibility, higher performance, accelerated business processes and above apply the development methodology that best suits your need through our deep technical knowledgebase.

Custom Development Success Story

Provider bulk TIN matching – IRS TIN matching is a regulatory process that provider networks team needs to maintain and it is essential for the year ending 1099 processes. However the challenge there was that FACETS does not have a place holder to identify whether TIN matching is done for the provider and even if it is placed as an attachment or note in provider record, any update to provider record, it does not carry over to changed record. We have experience in automating this process for multiple large blues plan where created the complete automation of generating the provider file needed by IRS and sending it over to IRS, and once the response is back from IRS, created the necessary XPF process to update the provider record in an attachment field to maintain the date of the TIN match. We also implemented a trigger mechanism to carry over the TIN match date to updated record if there are any changes to the provider by any other processes.

Automated FEE Schedule maintenance – Fee Schedule maintenance using FACETS / NetworX is a complex process due to the sensitivity and complex data structure of NetworX tables. Moreover multiple data source and multiple data formats such as Medi-span, HIAA, DenteMax, Medicare, AWP, RVU etc. make it more difficult and cumbersome. Our folks have automated the Fee Schedule load and maintenance process for clients like Pacific Source and BCBSRI and standardized the Fee Schedule intake process for all monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly process. We built a scalable Fee Schedule load process where adding new Fee Schedule needed very minimal changes, reduced manual intervention and established efficient logging and error handling process.

At Agile, we strive to improve and effectively implement innovative custom development solutions and processes in a diverse range of health care organizations. Our highly skilled business analysts efficiently connect the dots between user needs and technical requirements. Our solution architects work closely with businesses, ensuring the best-optimized solution possible.

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