Managed Testing Services

A flexible Testing Services Model delivered through the Testing Center of Excellence

An Agile Way to Complete Quality Management

Managed Healthcare Testing Services utilizes a strategic partner to manage all testing needs of the organization, thereby applying a uniform standard and running it seamlessly across the organization with all the desired quality control. Agile Managed Testing Service (@MTS) is our Testing Service framework that allows our clients on-demand testing to facilitate both large enterprise-level projects as well as regular monthly or quarterly production support and enhancement releases. Our testing professionals are organized by teams who dedicate their time to individual clients at our Testing Center of Excellence. They possess both business and technical knowledge and can be scaled up or down on-demand, allowing our customers to meet the perennial issues of resource peaks and troughs experienced by all organizations. A flexible Testing Services Model delivered through the Testing Center of Excellence.

Our @MTS combines business-driven test management processes with technology, tools, and test workbench solutions, all of which are managed through statistical process control and continuous improvement.

Our approach to sourcing testing and QA services is collaborative. Managed Healthcare Testing Services is the solution for clients who want to transform their testing function and achieve high-quality systems cost-effectively, without the expense of large overheads and day-to-day responsibilities, and without losing overall project control. Most businesses tend to overly rely on software developers to perform the testing function and as a result, the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) becomes a tug of war between business function and the development team, often resulting in multiple change requests and an extended project timeline. At Agile, with our deep functional knowledge, we not only prepare for the UAT with business owners but also perform UAT execution on their behalf.

Agile Managed Testing Service (@MTS) is our Managed Testing Service framework that provides our clients with demand testing to facilitate both large enterprise level projects as well as regular monthly or quarterly production support and enhancement releases.

MTS Delivery Models

Leveraging traditional methods of success

Agile Healthcare Testing Services, Center of Excellence offers flexible delivery models to align with our clients’ methodologies and delivery models. For organization using more traditional models, we offer testing execution in four phases – Planning, Development, Execution and Closure. We implement industry best practices through well-defined Test Strategy and timely execution through our Testing Readiness Document. Our Agile model is built on the principle that Testing is an integrated, continuous process. The Test Cases are created based on acceptance criteria, not just technical specification. This test-driven approach reduces feedback time and retesting cycle.

Traditional Testing Life Cycle

1. Planning Phase

  • Review business requirements/incident inventory
  • Define testing scope and effort
  • Develop test strategy document
  • Prepare Testing Readiness Document (TRD)
  • Plan Test resources as per the TRD

2. Development Phase

  • Review design documents
  • Develop detailed test scenarios and data requirement
  • Review and get approval on test scenarios

    • For SIT review with technical
    • For UAT review with business

  • Develop traceability of test cases to requirement

3. Execution Phase

  • Confirm code deployment to test env
  • Execute test cases, request necessary batch jobs
  • Conduct defect review meeting
  • Provide testing status dashboard
  • Review and escalate testing risks

4. Closure Phase

  • Verify all test cases complete and passed
  • Verify all requirements are tested Review test results with the technical/ business team
  • Exception approval and impact analysis
  • Obtain testing sign off and 
 approval to move to a higher environment


Agile Testing Life Cycle

1. Initiation

  • Project understanding
  • Team orientation
  • Create test plan/strategy
  • Communication planning

2. Sprint Planning

  • Identify sprint scope
  • Prepare test cases
  • Identify and prepare test data
  • Set up the environment including dependencies
  • Identify regression tests

3. Sprint 1..X

  • Execute sprint story tests
  • Execute regression tests
  • Conduct defect review meeting
  • Obtain test acceptance from business
  • Review and escalate testing risks

Our Testing Offering

Our flexible staffing model and structure allows us to efficiently execute enterprise-wide projects, production support activities, monthly releases and upgrades. At our Testing Center of Excellence, structured teams and resources align to execute multiple projects simultaneously. Our knowledge base draws from both business domain experience and technical expertise to connect the dots between business expectation and technical delivery.
  • Functional Testing – Thorough testing of each desired functionality of the individual components
  • System Integration Testing – Validation of the components for their intended use and behaviour in the system as a whole
  • User Acceptance Testing – Validation of software on behalf of the end-users and business team
  • Business Process Testing -Testing the business process such as claims workflow, benefit configuration, etc.
  • Regression Testing – Making sure that new changes do not impact software base/existing functionalities

Our Success Stories


Agile has successfully set up Benefit Configuration Testing for a large BCBS organization on the East Coast that implements our blended-shore testing model. This flexible TCOE model enables clients to access a large pool of testing resources on demand and improve their cost performance by 40%. The organization also increased its time index to 98% and eliminated its training overheads.

Enterprise Testing COE

Agile has successfully implemented and executed a blended-shore EPMO Testing Center for a mid-size BCBS. Through this center we have provided on time testing services for enterprise projects such as PBM Migration,SOA Implementation, FACETS Migrations, etc.; this includes production support and monthly releases.
At Agile, we strive to improve and effectively implement innovative business solutions and processes in a diverse range of health care organizations. Our highly skilled business analysts efficiently connect the dots between user needs and technical requirements. Our solution architects work closely with businesses, ensuring the best optimized solution possible.

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