System Integration
Improving efficiency while saving cost

Health System Consultant enables seamless communication with disparate systems, enterprise resources and external entities; connecting the existing legacy technologies and business processes with cutting edge technologies and business trends, and thereby delivering the best business values to our customers.

We have extensive experience in System Selection, Middleware selection, Implementation and Integration for large Health Care organizations. Our industry experts have worked in a complete evaluation of the system, the current and future business needs, defining appropriate parameters and metrics for desired to be systems; multidimensional evaluation of systems and vendors.

Agile Health Technologies provides System Implementation and Integration experts have done complete business systems selection process, system implementation and configuration of Enterprise systems such as FACETS, CareAdvance, Clear Coverage, Pega, SalesForce etc. and integrated healthcare systems and business functions such as membership and claims processing system, ancillary systems such as case management, Underwritings, Rating and Quoting systems, Workflow and rules, pricing systems, claims disbursement systems, Print fulfilment etc. Our Systems Engineering capabilities include complete technical infrastructure such as integration engine, data warehouse, ETL process, automated and web enrollment system etc. Our experts are very proficient in connecting the business goal to the technological vision of the organization and define the system that is aligned with the organizational objective.

Healthcare System Integration

Agile Health Technologies provides Health System Consultant services to enable:

  1. Seamless communication with disparate systems
  2. Enterprise resources and external entities
  3. Connecting the existing legacy technologies and business processes with cutting edge technologies and business trends
  4. Delivering the best business values to our customers
  5. Complete business systems selection process
  6. Working in a complete evaluation of the system

System Integration Story

Our Hub and Spoke interface design and architecture helped in minimizing the number of core interfaces while maintaining data integrity for multiple destinations. For example, 10 different internal and external systems needed member eligibility information from FACETS, though the fundamental data remains the same, the delivery formats are different. We created a hub which creates a master eligibility interface and all other connecting spokes formats the data in desired fashion for the destination system. Another example for certain external systems, they need a daily change in data and monthly full data set for reconciliation purpose. In such cases, instead of developing multiple interfaces, we parameterized the interface so that one single interface can produce daily change or full file data based on the parameter passed. This methodology helped the customer in reducing the usage of system resource, reduced maintenance and easy addition of new requirements or changes.

 Standardizing smaller intermediaries –  Our client a large health plan in east coast uses multiple intermediaries such as Rhode Island Builders Associations, RISBA etc. and all these intermediaries collect member data and premiums and send it to BCBSRI in multiple different formats. The old legacy system had multiple COBOL interfaces to manage these processes for the intermediaries. When we migrated these intermediaries to FACETS, we created an excel based macro ( easy to use for non-technical intermediaries) that can connect to any database or MS Access or import any text-based files and on mouse click generate standardized eligibility and premium payment files needed to process in FACETS. This standardization enhanced the efficiency of the intermediaries, eliminated manual error and fallout during processing.

Our corporate governance is built on ethical standard and integrity. Everyone at Agile recognizes that our behaviour and conduct, our quality of work, our respect for cultural diversity and our reputation are the keys to our customer loyalty and retention.

Agile’s Health System Consultant helps our customers build top-notch facilities in the healthcare industry and building long-lasting business values. In addition to our own certified healthcare professionals, we have direct based on real-world experiences to access to more than 4000 healthcare professionals. We not only match our customers’ requirements, overcome the challenges faced by the but also ensure professionals are aligned with the organizational culture and values of our customer.


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