Healthcare Emerging Technologies

Laying The Foundation For The Future

Healthcare Emerging Technologies – The Healthcare industry is persistently working on finding ways to improve patient care and reduce the cost.

The CIOs are constantly challenged to analyze multiple terabytes of data to find different ways to reduce cost of Healthcare and develop new ways to deliver patient care. In this pursuit of excellence in Healthcare, the emerging technologies are playing a pivotal role.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is positively impacting healthcare by connecting physical operations and nonphysical interactions through devices, sensors, and apps to gather, record, and report data; and thereby creating the global concept of “Connected Healthcare”.

However, this field still needs to go long way to learn how to manage and analyze the massive amounts of information gained from these smart devices. From Wearable devises to smart sensors, the key to the success of IoT in healthcare is to apply predictive analysis techniques and developing action-oriented intelligence. While adopting IoT, payers and providers need to choose health engagement platforms that can not only manage this data, but also integrate the information seamlessly with the organization’s enterprise systems with the right technology infrastructure. Adoption of IoT by a Healthcare organization is not just a technology adoption, but building an organizational culture supported by strong IoT vision.

Agile Health helps our healthcare customers in defining their IoT vision in alignment with the organizational mission, vision and values. We help our customers in translating that IoT vision to an IoT strategy and implementation plan. Our industry experts consistently work on executing the implementation plan and stand by you till the expected RoI is achieved.

AI/ML and Robotic Process Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the current megatrends in the industry and offer unlimited opportunities for improving the standard of healthcare and healthcare cost. Machine learning and AI represent a strong opportunity to understand more about member behaviour when it comes to their health and wellness and define predictive and preventive care. Machine learning will eventually become the primary driver of healthcare consumer engagement.

Whether it is AI-supported systems to help chronic patients or a sophisticated cognitive system helping case managers in efficiently screening cases; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation are here to help Health plan organizations in their pursuit of healthcare excellence. While all these new and expensive technologies provide a big promise, the success depends on identifying and prioritizing key areas to implement such technology, backed by a robust implementation plan and guaranteed by post-implementation follow up and corrective action to achieve the business objective. At Agile Health Tech, we partner with you and always be on your side to ensure your success in this journey.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP or Natural Language Processing is a term that describes the use of computer algorithms to discern the meaning behind spoken word or written input based on specific elements of speech. Basically, when a system is using NLP it is able to automate the understanding of what is being said or written and how it’s being said. In other words, NLP is a way to humanize the experience of automatic system interactions. Whether translating a complex medical term to a simple word that anyone can understand or recognizing patterns across various platforms; NLP is able to deliver critical information used in predictive analytics.

Agile Health Tech with the perfect blend of business/industry knowledge and skilled technology strength offers services from ideation to post implementation support for such emerging technology.

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